Mulberry Silk Duvet
Mulberry Silk Duvet
Mulberry Silk Duvet
Mulberry Silk Duvet

Mulberry Silk Duvet

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100% Natural, Odourless and Hypoallergenic

There's no material more luxurious than silk. Incredibly smooth with a built-in temperature regulating property, a pure silk filled duvet is the luxury you need in your bedroom. Silk is often referred to as the fiber queen, investing in a silk duvet will improve your quality of sleep as they naturally regulate your body temperature cooling you down when you are hot and keeping you warm when you are cold. They hypoallergenic and antibacterial so perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers. The sensation is like sleeping under the warm sun, an even natural heat that helps one drift into sleep bliss. Our duvets are 4.5 Tog lightweight duvets, perfect for Autumn/Spring, keeping you snug and warm. For colder months duvets can be doubled up and tied together for extra warmth. All our duvets have ties on the corners and center hems. . Each duvet comes in a Baia Living bag which can be used to store them in Summer. They tie into our organic bamboo duvets covers on all four corners for a snug , perfect fit. 

How to care for your silk duvet

It is now generally accepted that no item containing silk should be cleaned with any form of chemical cleaner as the chemicals will cause some hardening of the silk, thus reducing its softness. Silk is a natural fiber so washing with anything other than water will cause it to lose some of its natural properties. The traditional method of cleaning silk filled duvets is to sun cure them i.e., to air them in the sun as often as you like This has the effect of cleaning and purifying the silk floss, and under normal circumstances, no other cleaning will ever be required. 

Top tips
·        Always use with a removable duvet cover for protection.
·        The duvet must never be shaken strongly as this might displace the hand layered silk floss.
·        Never dry clean or  machine wash or hand wash in its entirety, or tumble dry. Washing your duvet will cause it to lose some of its natural properties.
·        We recommend that the duvet is regularly aired and sun cared. 
·        Localized spillages can be treated by immediately wiping the affected area with a clean white damp cloth. If the spillage has penetrated through to the silk floss, the affected area only may be delicately hand washed using lukewarm water (maximum 30º C) and a non-biological detergent suitable for washing wool, and thoroughly rinsed using cold water. Excess water can be removed by gently squeezing the two faces of the duvet together.
·        After drying the duvet may be shaken gently to restore the position of the silk floss.