100% Organic Bamboo Flat Sheet
100% Organic Bamboo Flat Sheet

100% Organic Bamboo Flat Sheet

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This is a plain flat sheet for warmer months, sold separately.

King - size 240cm x 260cm

Queen - size  170cm x 260 cm

Bamboo bed linen for the best sleep

Bamboo sheets are a game-changer, and they are dominating the bed space. In recent years, bamboo has emerged as a popular alternative to cotton and linen sheets because they seem to tick all the boxes. Known for being incredibly soft, super durable, wildly breathable and temperature-regulating, just to name a few of their standout qualities, they are also one of the best types of cooling sheets for hot sleepers. because it wicks moisture and aids in a good night’s sleep. Glowing eco-credentials aside, bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and has hypoallergenic properties, (they are literally anti-dust mites), so it’s a great choice for eczema, asthma and allergy sufferers.
On top of all that, they literally might also be the softest sheets you’ll ever sleep on.

How To Care For Your Bamboo Sheets

The good news is bamboo sheets are machine washable. Always wash on the gentle cycle, with a mild or eco-friendly detergent. Line drying the sheets is often recommended, but they can be tumble-dried with low heat. The sheets soften naturally with each wash, so the use of fabric softener is not necessary or recommended.